My Post-1980 Baseball Card Wantlist

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These are cards issued after 1980 that I'm collecting. Cards not listed here that I'm interested in acquiring (but don't have enough of to list a wantlist for) are some Fleer & Donruss sets from 1985 to 1990. I have a LOT of dupes from most of the sets listed below (then again, who doesn't???). Card numbers in RED are expected to arrive soon - either by trade, eBay, or RAOK (random act of kindness)

I recently started a 2013 Topps Heritage set for my grandson Elijah (his birth year). Coming soon: a 2015 Topps Heritage birth-year set for grandson #2, Rory


This list is divided by manufacturer:
Topps, Fleer, Score, Donruss, Upper Deck & then Conlon.

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Last updated: 12/3/16


1982 Topps: Thanks to Lozipone
Variation needed: 383 Perez (no position on front)

1989 Topps:
Variation needed:
605 Bob Welch (missing complete ML Pitching Record line)

1990 Topps:
Variation needed: 414 Frank Thomas (no name on front)

2013 TOPPS HERITAGE (Birth year set for my grandson Elijah) Thanks to George Moore for a huge starter set! Thanks also to Codere, Valacak

010 029 031 034 040 043 045 048 053 064 067 069 078 080 081 103 116 122 124 125 133 135 155 175 177 178 197 198 204 207 209 211 215 229 232 233 238 246 247 248 274 302 320 327 333 338 345 361 367 375 379 389 390 396 398 400 404 419 425 428 430 431 432 435 437 438 441 442 444 446 447 448 449 450 451 453 454 455 456 457 458 459 460 461 462 464 467 469 471 472 473 475 476 479 480 482 483 484 485 486 489 490 491 492 494 495 496 497 499 500


1981 Fleer Base set FINISHED 1/10/08 by Richard Dingman with the last card (445 Al Holland) Thanks to Angland x4, Bard, Berg, Chambers, Cunha, Freedman, Malson, McGinley, Moleta, Montgomery, Morganti, Nicholas x2, Oberlander, Papacek, D. Roth, Talbot, Thayer, Zentkovich
Variation needed: Thanks to Goto, D. Roth, Talbot, Wagner
24B Kevin Saucier P2 Name on front is Ken 


1981 Fleer All-Star Game sticker backs:
I think I MAY have a full master set of these. Unfortunately, I haven't found what constitutes a master set; there are multiple back combinations for each year, but some years have a different number of backs than other years. If you have any of these, send an email & let's compare.

1982 Fleer Base set finished. Need 5 variations:
Variations needed: Thanks to Goto
438A ("All" Hrabosky, 5"1" on back)
555C (red cap, no emblem) - Does this exist??
576A (pitching lefty)
636B ("led the National League." on back)



1990 Score: Base set killed 8/24/04 by Richard Bondy. Thanks also to Wilson, Chambers, Nicholas, Bosshardt, D. Roth, Montgomery, Holland, McLaughlin, Mead, Miller, Goetsch, Bosshardt, Hruda, Corvello, Wierzbicki, and Richard Bondy for the last 2 cards! For the variation quest, thanks to Dave Fallen, Gary Mandell
Variations needed:
618B (uniform number "67" on back)
672A (rare hologram autograph back)

1991 Score World Series/Question & Answer inserts: Started 11/11/04. Thanks to Biggs for the starter set. Thanks also to Ken Montgomery
57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72


1983 Donruss: (Base set killed 3/5/12 with last card from California Sports Cards. Still need 1 variation)

Variation needed:
639a Ron Jackson (A's)

1984 Donruss: (Need 8 plus 27 variations) Thanks to L. Miller for over 500 cards to start the set . Thanks also to Berg, Fitak, Miller again, McCarthy, Muth, Pillion, Stamper x2
023 (Schmidt DK; "Perez-Steel" on back) 029 Stenhouse (with card number on back) 030 (Darling, with card number on back) 034 (McReynolds) 053 (Brett) 106 (Ripken) 248 (Mattingly) 324 (Gwynn)

Variations needed: All DK cards 1-26 with "Perez-Steele" on the back; DK checklist ("Perez-Steele" on back bottom)

1985 Donruss: (5 left) Thanks to Pillion for almost 250 hits to start the set on 3/16/09, & 302 more on 4/25/09. Thanks also to Angland, Brown, Covello, Griffin, Labs, Niessen x2, Pillion again, Stamper, Thayer, Welk x2
007 (Mattingly DK)  190 (Gooden) 273 (Clemens) 295 (Mattingly) 438 (Puckett)
424b (righty Seaver, correct photo)
534b (Terry Pendleton - correct first name on front {not "Jeff"})
651b (white letters)



1989 Upper Deck New set started 2/27/09 . Set killed 12/20/2014! First hits by Aaron Shirley (348 cards!). Thanks also to Ashton for over 70 cards, Berg, Betza, Brown 2, Clayton for 0ver 250, Fitak, Hitzeman, Hoehne, Holland, Lyons, Martens, Miller, Niessen, Thayer, Welk, West, Zentkovich

1994: Thanks to Fitak x2
Need 994-1003;1005-1008; 1010-1091; 1093-1167; 1169-1187; 1189-1320

Need all (1321-1430)

My favorite sites:
Old Baseball Cards (OBC)
Vintage Card Traders (VCT)

My completed sets from 1981 to the present:
1990 Bowman
1991 Conlon Collection
completed 1/07 Thanks to Archibald, Beard, Fitak Freedman, Mandell, McBride, Monks, Rich, Rittenberg, D. Roth x4, Thayer, Valacak
1992 Conlon Collection completed 1/23/08 by Sal Domino. Thanks to Saxton for the first hits; thanks also to Archibald, Beard x2, Carpenter, Cole, Fitak x3, Freedman, Mandell x2, McBride, D. Roth x2, Schock, Scott,A. Shirley, Talbot, Thayer, Wilberg
1993 Conlon Collection completed 3/27/08 by Lynn Miller. Thanks to Rittenberg for a huge starter set!. Thanks also to Beard for a bunch; Archibald, Mandell, McBride, Mel & Mary, D.Roth x2, Sitze, Talbot, Valacak
1981 Donruss Base set completed 2/1/07. Variations finished 2/2/08. Thanks to Angland x3, Bard x2, Biggs, Blackwood, Bondy, B.Brown x2, Clayton, Cunha, Freedman, Goetsch, Greenwood, Hatch, Higgins, Holland, Mandell, Martens, McBride, McGinley, Monson, Mroz, Nicholas x2, Osborne, Papacek, D.Roth, Schock, Schott, A. Shirley, Thayer x3, Vrechek, Wierzbicki, Zentkovich

1982 Donruss  Set listed 1/4/08. Set killed 4/25/09 by Ken Pillion with the Ripken rookie. Thanks to Labs for the first hits - a box of almost 300!! Thanks also to Ashton, Bard, Bondy, Carpenter, Clayton, Elkin, Goetsch, Miller x2, Mitchell, Mroz, Nicholas, Prickett, Rumley-Wells, Schreiber, A. Shirley, Talbot x3, Thayer, Valacak


1983 Donruss Set killed 3/5/12 with hte Jackson DK card from California Sports cards. Thanks to Mroz for the starter set! Thanks also to L. Miller for 2 huge stacks; Lyons, McCarthy, Mitchell, Pillio x2n, Rumley-Wells, Schreiber, Stamper

1989 Donruss Set completed 8/28/04 Thanks to Arbeeny, Bard, Bondy, Gray, Hruda, McBride, McGinley, Monson, Nicholas x2, Thayer, Wierzbicki
1981 Fleer Set killed 1/10/08 by Richard Dingman Thanks to Angland x4, Bard, Berg, Chambers, Cunha, Freedman, Malson, McGinley, Moleta, Montgomery, Morganti, Nicholas x2, Oberlander, Papacek, Thayer, Zentkovich
1982 Fleer Set started 1/08/08 Base set killed 10/22/08 by Lynn Miller. Thanks to Wilberg for a huge starter. Thanks also to Clayton , Pricket, & Mroz for each sending a huge lot. Thanks also to Angland, Ashton, Domino, Miller X2, Rice, A. Shirley, Talbot x2
1983 Fleer Set killed 9/23/04 by Ken Morganti Thanks to Arbeeny, Bard, Chambers, Freedman, Holland, McGinley, Miller, Nicholas, Oberlander, Okamuro, Papacek, Thayer

1984 Fleer  Set killed 2/2/09 by Burbank Sportscards. Thanks to Ashton, Carpenter, Clayton, Domino, Mackie, Mandell, Martens, L. Miller x 3, Moleta, Prickett, Rice, A. Shirley, Talbot x 2, Thayer, Valacak, Walker 

1985 Fleer Set killed 2/28/09. Last card (Clemens)  from eBay. Thanks to  Angland, Arbeeny, Ashton, Bard, Berg, B. Brown x2, Coen, D'Angelo x2, Greenwood, Holland, Lewis, Martens, McGinley, Millerx2, Moleta x2, Nicholas, Papacek, Pederson, D. Roth, Schreiber, Thayer, Zentkovich  

1986 Fleer Set killed 3/29/13 Thanks to Valacak for over 160 hits, Berg, Brown, Griffin, Labs, Lyons x3, Niessen, D. Roth Stamper for 287 hits

2005 Helmar Brewing Thanks to Adkins, Donaldson, Fallen, Feher, Greco x2, Greenwood , Morgan, Morganti, Reed, Rice, Scott, Thomas, West x2
2005 Helmar Brewing (set #2) Thanks to Adkins, Altemose, Arbeeny, Beauchemin, Cook, Freedman, Mackie, McGowan, Reed, Scott, Talbot x2, Thomas, Wubben
2005 Helmar crowns (bottle caps) Thanks to Clayton x2, West
2005 Helmar Brewing Labels Thanks to Helmar Brewing President Charles Mandel!
2005 Helmar Brewing Carriers
2007 Helmar Brewing Series 2
Thanks to Helmar Brewing President Charles Mandel!
1988 Score + variations Thanks to Arbeeny, Freedman, & Blackwood for finishing the variations
1988 Score "Great Moments In Baseball" trivia cards Set completed 1/24/04. Thanks to Freedman, McGinley
1988 Score Young Superstars Series 1 & 2
1989 Score "A Year To Remember" trivia cards
Set completed 6/13/06. Thanks to Joel Freedman for 25 hits, & McGinley for the set-killer!
1990 Score
1981 Topps

1981 Topps Traded
1982 Topps
1982 Topps Traded
1983 Topps

1983 Topps (2nd set)
Set killed 3/5/05 by Thayer (with the Sandberg RC!) Thanks to Bacon, Beil, Earle, Freedman, McBride, Miller, Morganti, Oberlander, Papacek, Thayer, Ursaner, Zentkovich
1983 Topps Traded
1984 Topps
1984 Topps Traded
1985 Topps
1985 Topps Traded
1986 Topps
1986 Topps (2nd set)
Set killed 8/24/04 by Bondy, Thanks also to Angland, Beil, Bosshardt, Cunha, Leroux, Nicholas, Papacek, Seiple
1986 Topps Traded
1987 Topps
1987 Topps Traded
1988 Topps
1988 Topps (2nd set)
Set killed 4/9/04 by Angland (the Barry Bonds card) & 3/30/06 by Brown (variations) Thanks to Hruda, Montgomery,Nicholas, Papacek
1988 Topps Traded
1988 Topps Big
Set killed 3/30/06 by Brown. Thanks to Don Roth for over half the set & also to D'Angelo, Mandell, Martens, Mayo, McGinley, Nicholas
1988 Topps Coins
Finished 10/23/04 Thanks to Griffin, Reed, Svetecz, & Blackwood for the set-killer, Tony Gwynn
1988 Topps Coins (set #2) Set killed 3/15/10 by Welk Thanks to Brown, Nicholas, Rich
1989 Topps
1989 Topps Traded
1990 Topps
1990 Topps Traded
1991 Topps
1991 Topps Traded
1992 Topps
1992 Topps Traded
1993 Topps
1993 Topps Traded
1994 Topps
1994 Topps Traded
2006 Topps
Thanks to my Mom & Dad!

1989 Upper Deck Set killed 12/20/14 with the purchase of the Griffey RC